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Rheem Electric HD Triple Element 50L Product Review (also known as Rheem 613050)

Rheem Electric HD Triple Element 50L Product Review (also known as Rheem 613050)

Introduction to the product

Introducing the Rheem Heavy Duty Triple Element Electric 50L hot water system, a compact powerhouse designed to meet the diverse needs of small businesses seeking reliable and efficient water heating solutions. Rheem, a trusted name in the industry, brings forth this electric water heater with a 50-litre capacity, promising optimal performance in a space-saving design. As we delve into this review, we'll explore the standout features that make the Rheem HD Electric 50L a noteworthy choice for those prioritising both functionality and convenience in their hot water systems.

Featuring a triple element configuration, the Rheem Electric 50L stands ready to meet high-demand scenarios, providing both speed and reliability in heating water to the desired temperature, making it the perfect system for cafes, hair salons and other small business applications.

The Rheem Electric Heavy Duty is crafted from a special grade of steel and fortified with a dual layer of vitreous enamel, ensuring it is exceptionally well-suited for a diverse range of water conditions. This robust construction not only ensures durability but also enhances the system's resilience to varying water qualities. In a strategic move to elevate its protective features, the inclusion of larger anodes further fortifies the unit, providing an advanced level of defence against potential corrosion and extending the overall lifespan of the hot water system.

Rheem, renowned for excellence in water heating solutions, continues to uphold its legacy of innovation and reliability with the Rheem HD Electric 50L hot water system. 

Key Benefits and Advantages

The Rheem Electric Heavy Duty 50L hot water system presents an array of features that position it as the ideal selection for discerning consumers and hot water service providers throughout Australia. Let's explore the qualities that set this electric water heater apart from the competition:

  1. Impressive Recovery Rate: The Rheem 613050 Hot Water System offers a substantial advantage with its impressive hourly recovery rate of up to 250 litres of hot water at a 50°C rise. This ensures a swift and continuous replenishment of hot water, catering to high-demand scenarios and providing a reliable supply for various needs.
  1. Triple Element: The triple-element configuration is a key asset of the Rheem Electric 50L, providing enhanced heating efficiency and speed. This feature ensures a strong and versatile performance, enabling the water heater to adapt seamlessly to varying demand levels.
  1. Multipoint Operation: The Rheem HD Electric 50L employs a true multipoint operation through sizable 32mm connections. Unlike systems with exchange coils that may limit water pressure or flow, the Rheem 50L ensures a smooth and unrestricted supply. Additionally, its compatibility with low-pressure systems offers flexibility to accommodate various home setups without compromising performance.
  1. Compact, yet Mighty: The compact design of this system allows for flexibility during installation, whether you prefer indoor or outdoor, yet the unobtrusive size of this unit does not come at the expense of its high-quality execution. 
  1. Unmatched Durability: The Rheem Electric 50L offers exceptional durability as it is impervious to all types of water. Crafted from a special grade of steel and featuring a double coat of heavy-duty vitreous enamel along with a larger anode, this design not only enhances resilience against corrosion but also prolongs the overall lifespan of the hot water system, ensuring reliability in diverse water conditions.

About the Brand 

Established in the mid-1920s by brothers Richard and Donald Rheem, the Rheem Manufacturing Company has evolved into a global industry leader in water heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial properties.

Committed to exceeding industry benchmarks for quality and reliability, Rheem ensures meticulous oversight from raw material delivery to finished product assembly, upholding exceptional standards throughout the water heater manufacturing process. Regular testing and certification by government bodies and third-party labs underscore Rheem's unwavering dedication to maintaining stringent quality norms. 

With its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and facilities across the USA, Rheem is on a mission to provide customers with dependable, cost-effective solutions for all their heating, cooling, and water heating needs.


The Rheem Electric Triple Element Heavy Duty 50L Hot Water System stands as a reliable and efficient choice tailored to meet the diverse needs of Australian businesses. Innovative features such as an impressive recovery rate, triple-element design and true multipoint operation are a testament to Rheem’s commitment to functionality and convenience. Rheem has a rich legacy of constructing highly efficient and reliable systems, with industry-leading quality standards. The Rheem Triple Element HD unit serves as evidence to Rheem’s pursuit of excellence, providing businesses with a dependable and cost-effective solution for their water heating needs. Experience the culmination of performance and durability with Rheem, a trusted name in Australian water heating innovations.

Where can I purchase the Rheem Electric HD 50L? 

You can purchase the Rheem Triple Element HD Electric 50L from the Australian-owned and operated Hot Water Shop, your all-in-one destination for water heating solutions. Backed by a team of experts, you'll confidently make decisions tailored to your hot water needs. Experience the ease of online water system purchasing at the Hot Water Shop here.

How much does it cost to install a Rheem Electric unit? 

Installation costs vary due to significant factors including labour charges, the selected hot water unit, delivery, installation of the new heater, and removal of the old unit. For a precise quote tailored to your specific requirements, we encourage you to contact the Hot Water Shop team.

What is the price of a new Rheem 613050

Rheem has earned a stellar reputation for crafting premium hot water systems that combine quality with affordability. Explore the range of Rheem Hot Water Systems available at The Hot Water Shop.

How do I get a Rheem Triple Element HD unit installed?

Thanks to its compact sizing and standardised connections, setting up the Rheem Triple Element Heavy Duty system is a simple endeavour. The process is made even easier when you choose the professional installation services offered by the Hot Water Shop. Backed by a team of licensed technicians, the Hot Water Shop ensures a smooth and efficient experience throughout the purchase and installation process. For expert guidance or to commence the installation of your new hot water system, contact the Hot Water Shop today.

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