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Aquamax Hot Water Systems

At Hot Water Shop, we are proud to offer Australian properties supply-only and supply and installation services of Aquamax hot water systems.

Aquamax hot water systems are renowned for their exceptional performance, energy efficiency and durability. With the inclusion of the latest technology, Aquamax systems are designed to reduce your carbon footprint, as well as energy bills. Crafted with top-quality materials, including a stainless steel cylinder and sacrificial anode, and designed specifically to withstand Australia's harsh climate, you can count on the Aquamax for long-lasting reliability.

Professional installation is vital to ensure your system is connected safely and optimally. The Hot Water Shop's team of licensed technicians is fully equipped to handle your task with precision and care.

If you're looking for a superior hot water system at a competitive price, with the added bonus of an in-house team of experts to take care of your installation, look no further than Hot Water Shop's range of Aquamax hot water systems..

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Aquamax Hot Water Systems
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Hot Water Shop: Your Reliable Source for Aquamax Hot Water Systems Across Australia

Established in Melbourne in 1988, Aquamax is an Australian company that has become a cornerstone in the market of hot water systems. With their determination, Aquamax became the first Australian company to introduce a 5-star energy rating, 10-year warranty water heater. Their use of stainless steel cylinders sets them apart, allowing Australian households to save money on their bills and enjoy incredible energy efficiency. 

Offering a range of both gas and electric hot water systems, there is an Aquamax hot water system to cater to the diverse needs of every Australian family, solidifying their status as a leading brand in the hot water heater market. 

Happy family after having thier Hot Water System replaced with an Aquamax unit at a great price.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Aquamax offers a range of gas storage hot water systems, with a size to suit the requirements of all households. The Aquamax hot water system, which features a stainless steel cylinder, is well-known for its exceptional performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

The gas hot water system range, which includes 270L, 340L, and 390L units, has gained a 5-star energy rating on each model, proving them to be highly efficient and cost-effective.

The use of stainless steel cylinders allows the gas hot water system to store water at a higher temperature than standard water heaters, ensuring that the hot water is always ready when you need it.

With external installation for safety and efficiency, the 390L unit also offers an option to control temperature delivery to different parts of the house. This thoughtful feature is excellent for those with young children and for limiting heating wastage, enhancing safety and lowering energy bills.

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

For many Australians, an electric hot water system is the go-to option. Aquamax has an electric water heater for every household size, with its Vitreous Enamel range.

The Aquamax range of electric systems, with storage capacities from 50L to 400L, is the preferred choice for many households. While the initial cost may be higher, their durable construction leads to savings on maintenance. The tank features vitreous enamel lining, making it less susceptible to corrosion and up to 50% lighter, ensuring a seamless installation process.

The electric Aquamax hot water system range boasts an efficiency that exceeds the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) by up to 27%. Allowing you to save even more, an electric Aquamax system can connect to an off-peak tariff when electricity costs are lower.

This Aquamax range includes a sacrificial anode, adding to the money you save on maintenance and further extending the lifespan of the unit. With mains pressure delivery, a plethora of sizes and a comprehensive warranty of 7-10 years, it is easy to understand why Aquamax is Australia's top choice for water heating.

Aquamax: Perfect for Your Hot Water Needs

When it comes to the need for hot water, Aquamax stands out with its diverse range of systems, offering every household a solution for this critical decision.

Aquamax products are easily accessible through Hot Water Shop, with online assistance available if required. While they may have a smaller product range compared to some competitors, their focus on high-quality, cost-effective solutions makes them a strong contender for your hot water needs.

The combination of Aquamax's product specialisation, a broad range of highly efficient systems, and their commitment to maintaining a 5-star energy rating across the board truly sets them apart. They are a company committed to craftsmanship, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, making them industry experts in the market of hot water system solutions.

Whether you're looking to buy an electric hot water system or exploring gas alternatives, an Aquamax system will always be an excellent choice.

Aquamax hot water system installation in an Australian Home.

Energy-Efficient Hot Water Systems

If energy efficiency is a top priority for you, Aquamax hot water systems are an ideal choice. Their commitment to efficient energy utilisation is evident across their range, with the majority of their products scoring an impressive 5-star energy rating.

Aquamax gas storage hot water systems, with their 5-star AGA rating, are particularly noteworthy for their efficiency. These systems use stainless steel cylinders that allow the system to store water at higher temperatures than standard hot water systems, providing hot water on demand while saving you money on energy costs.

For those leaning towards electric systems, the Aquamax range exceeds the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) set by Government regulators by up to 27%, ensuring you get maximum value for your energy expenditure. With Aquamax hot water systems, you can enjoy hot water whenever you need it without worrying about your energy consumption.

Safe and Reliable Hot Water

Safety and reliability are at the forefront of Aquamax's design philosophy. Their gas systems offer an installation option for the 390L unit that controls temperature delivery to different parts of the house, a feature that not only ensures comfort but also provides an extra safety measure, particularly for households with young children.

The stainless steel cylinders used in Aquamax hot water systems are not only highly energy-efficient but also durable and resistant to corrosion, ensuring a long lifespan and reducing the risk of leaks or breakdowns. Additionally, the Stainless Steel range does not contain an anode, an electrode introduced to prevent corrosion, meaning your water will remain purer and you can enjoy savings on maintenance. With Aquamax hot water systems, you can count on receiving hot water safely and reliably every time you turn the tap.

Trusted Australian Company

Aquamax is a name that you can trust. As an Australian company established in 1988, Aquamax has grown from a small business into a market mainstay. Their commitment to high standards, product specialisation, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction has earned them a strong reputation and a loyal customer base. Aquamax is also deeply dedicated to environmental sustainability, staying at the forefront of sustainable energy use and actively participating in the GreenPlumbers environmental initiative. Being the first Australian company to design a 5-Star AGA-rated hot water system, backed by a 10-year warranty, you can rely on Aquamax to provide an economical and efficient solution to your home's hot water requirements.

10 Year Guarantee

Aquamax proudly offers a ten-year warranty on most of their hot water systems, a testament to their confidence in the durability and reliability of their products. Whether you're considering gas or electric, Aquamax hot water system's wide range of products, coupled with their excellent reputation, makes them a top choice for your hot water needs. Choose Aquamax for a trusted, Australian-made hot water system that will serve you well for years to come.

Buy Aquamax from Hot Water Shop

As Australia's premier provider of Aquamax hot water systems, Hot Water Shop brings you an unbeatable combination of product knowledge, quality installation services, and competitive prices. Our team of industry experts is always ready to guide you towards the perfect water heating solution for your household size and needs.

We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and after-sales service, providing timely anode inspections and maintenance to ensure your Aquamax hot water system always functions at peak performance. With Hot Water Shop, you can rest easy knowing that your hot water needs are taken care of. Additionally, our range of Aquamax hot water systems, recognised by Canstar Blue for their quality, comes with a comprehensive warranty for that extra peace of mind.

Choose the Right System for You

Whether you're after gas tank storage systems for external installation, or an electric hot water system that can withstand higher temperatures and comes with smart features, Hot Water Shop is your go-to destination. We're all about helping you save money and reduce your household's electricity bill. Our range of Aquamax hot water systems is designed for energy efficiency and heat water using renewable energy sources, a testament to our commitment to cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Visit us at Hot Water Shop and discover why Aquamax is the first Australian company to offer 5-star energy-rated hot water systems designed with a stainless steel cylinder and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've chosen a brand renowned for its quality, range, and product specialisation. Let Hot Water Shop and Aquamax deliver the hot water solutions you need today.

Is Aquamax made by Rheem?

Aquamax is an Australian company that was purchased by Rheem in 2009. Aquamax holds its reputation as a trusted brand in the hot water market and holds the same values of quality, affordability and sustainability as its parent company.

How long does an Aquamax hot water system last?

An electric system typically has a shorter lifespan than a gas system. Nevertheless, if taken care of with routine maintenance, an Aquamax hot water system can last between 10-15 years.

Where is Aquamax manufactured?

The Aquamax Head Office and manufacturing plant are proudly located in Moorabbin, Victoria, meaning your water heater is designed and manufactured right here on home soil.

Are Aquamax hot water systems expensive?

Aquamax systems are produced for quality and longevity and are surprisingly affordable. Offering premium products without the premium price tag, Aquamax has become a trusted household name in the Australian water heater market.

What are the best selling Aquamax products?

Every household is unique, with different requirements for its water heating. No matter the size of your household, there is an Aquamax Hot Water System for you. From Vitreous Enamel electric storage systems to Stainless Steel gas options, Hot Water Shop has your solution. The Hot Water Shop's best-selling Aquamax products are the 991250 250L, the G340SS-NG 155L and the G390SS-NG 155L.

Where are the best Aquamax deals? 

For the best deal on an Aquamax system, look no further than Hot Water Shop. As experts in Aquamax hot water systems, Hot Water Shop offers competitive prices on a range of Aquamax products. Whether you're in the market for a gas or electric hot water system, Hot Water Shop is the go-to destination for securing the best deals on reliable and efficient hot water solutions

How do I get the best Aquamax Hot Water System Install Price?

Hot Water Shop makes installation easy. With our supply-only or supply-and-install service, you can trust that your water heater is in capable hands. Contact the friendly Hot Water Shop team today for a quote, or for added convenience, you can select the installation option upon checkout.

How much does it cost to install an Aquamax system?

For an accurate price to install your Aquamax unit, reach out to the team at Hot Water Shop for a quote. Our friendly professionals can walk you through the cost so you know what you expect.

What is the warranty on Aquamax systems?

Aquamax is the industry leader with their comprehensive product warranties. The Vitreous Enamel Electric systems have warranties spanning 7-10 years, while the Stainless Steel cylinder gas tank storage systems boast an incredible 12 years.

Do Aquamax Gas Systems have a stainless steel cylinder?

The Aquamax range of gas storage systems features an incredibly durable stainless steel cylinder. The construction with stainless steel serves an important purpose, allowing the unit to contain heated water at higher temperatures than your typical system.

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