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Aquamax G390 Product Review (also known as Aquamax G390SS-NG)

Aquamax G390 Product Review (also known as Aquamax G390SS-NG)

Introduction to the product

From its cutting-edge technology to its energy-saving capabilities, the Aquamax G390 Natural Gas Hot Water System is a standout contender in the world of water heating solutions, offering a remarkable blend of efficiency, reliability, and convenience. As we dive into this comprehensive product review, we will explore the multitude of features and benefits that set the Aquamax G390 apart from its competitors, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a top-tier hot water system. 

While gas hot water systems may have become less prevalent than in the past, they remain a practical choice for many individuals, especially in light of rising power costs nationwide. AquaMAX provides a selection of gas models with a range of capacities to suit Australian households of all sizes.

The AquaMAX 390 is the largest gas storage system in their range, with a generous capacity of 155 litres, this unit is suitable for homes of up to 6 occupants. The system's mains pressure operation ensures a consistent and strong flow of hot water throughout your home, making it an ideal choice for households requiring high-performance water heating.

Proudly produced in an award-winning Australian manufacturing facility, the AquaMAX G390 Stainless Steel Water Heater represents the epitome of water heating excellence. AquaMAX offers consumers a premium choice with its exceptional design and high-quality stainless steel cylinder, providing superior corrosion resistance and eliminating the need for an anode, which contributes to further savings on maintenance.

Key Benefits and Advantages

The Aquamax G390SS offers a range of features which make it the perfect choice for savvy consumers and hot water service providers across Australia. Let's take a closer look at what sets this hot water storage system apart from the competition:

  1. Impressive First Hour Delivery: With a first hour delivery of 390 litres, the Aquamax G390SS-NG ensures that you never run out of hot water, even during peak usage times. Whether you have a large family or enjoy long showers, this system has your needs covered.
  1. 5-Star Energy Efficiency: The Aquamax 390's 5-star AGA rating proves its exceptional capacity to optimise energy consumption, resulting in significant reductions in your utility expenses. This enhanced efficiency reduces your environmental impact and offers a more eco-friendly hot water solution for your home.
  1. The Stainless Steel Advantage: The superior stainless steel cylinder featured in the AquaMAX series offers more than just aesthetic appeal. This innovative design delivers enhanced corrosion resistance, reduces the unit's weight by up to 50%, and eliminates the necessity for an anode.
  1. In-Built Mixing Valve: The inbuilt mixing valve in the AquaMAX G390 system ensures precise temperature control, allowing you to enjoy a consistent and comfortable hot water supply. This feature not only enhances safety by preventing scalding but also eliminates the need for additional external devices, simplifying the installation process
  1. 12-Year Cylinder Warranty: The AquaMAX G390SS system provides the peace of mind that comes with a 12-year cylinder warranty. This extensive warranty not only underscores the product's durability and reliability but also safeguards your investment, assuring you of long-term hot water performance.

About the brand 

Founded in September 1988, AquaMAX, based in Melbourne, has become a distinguished manufacturer of hot water heaters. With a small but dedicated team of engineers, they embarked on designing an Australian-first, 5-star, 10-year warranty water heater.

In August 2009, Rheem Australia Pty Ltd, the market leader, acquired AquaMAX. Since then, AquaMAX has broadened its distribution reach across the nation and has continually enhanced efficiency at its manufacturing facility in Moorabbin, VIC.

Today, AquaMAX is renowned for its dedication to providing Australians with 5-Star Energy Rated Gas water heaters and highly-efficient Electric Storage water heaters, establishing itself as an industry leader in design and energy-efficiency within the hot water sector. 

AquaMAX has a commitment to craft and produce exceptionally efficient water heaters that deliver hot water when it’s needed, while surpassing industry benchmarks in energy efficiency. This allows them to provide Australian homes with dependable and budget-friendly hot water solutions. 


The overall experience with the AquaMAX G390 has been nothing short of exceptional. Clients have consistently praised the system's longevity, ease of installation and the clear difference it has made to their bills. Furthermore, the remarkable 12-year cylinder warranty has instilled confidence in users, reinforcing the belief in the product's durability and reliability. With it’s 5-star energy efficiency, sturdy stainless steel construction and advanced safety features, this system offers a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly hot water solution. Choosing the AquaMAX G390SS-NG means not only enjoying a constant and comfortable hot water supply but also investing in a reliable, efficient and trusted product. 

With AquaMAX, your hot water needs are not just met; they’re exceeded.

Where can I purchase the AquaMAX G390? 

You can conveniently find the reliable AquaMAX G390SS-NG at the Hot Water Shop, a trusted and reputable source for a wide range of water heating products, where knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service will ensure you make the right choice for your hot water needs. Buy online today via the Hot Water Shop by following this link to purchase a AquaMAX G390SS-NG 

How much does it cost to install an AquaMAX G390 unit? 

Varying factors such as labour charges, the specific hot water unit chosen, the delivery and installation of the new hot water heater, as well as the removal of the old unit all contribute to the installation costs. For a precise quote, we recommend reaching out to the Hot Water Shop team here.

What is the price of a new AquaMAX 390 Hot Water System?

The AquaMAX range is designed to be cost-effective in multiple ways. It saves money on bills with its energy-efficiency, reduces costs associated with servicing thanks to the exclusion of an anode and the unit itself is priced economically. View the premium range of AquaMAX Hot Water Systems on the Hot Water Shop here.

How do I get an AquaMAX 390 unit installed?

Installing the AquaMAX G390 is a breeze, thanks to its standardised sizing and connection points. It’s made even easier when you enlist the Hot Water Shop to complete the installation for you. The Hot Water Shop’s expert team of licensed technicians ensure that every purchase and installation process is seamless and efficient. Contact the Hot Water Shop here for expert advice or to get the process started on installing your brand new hot water system.

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