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AquaMAX: Brand Review

AquaMAX: Brand Review

AquaMAX, a company established in Melbourne in 1988, has become a mainstay in the hot water systems market. From its humble beginnings as a small business, AquaMAX has grown significantly and garnered recognition for its innovative approach to hot water systems. A testament to this is their achievement as the first Australian company to design a 5-star, 10-year warranty water heater, a feat that sets them apart in the industry. The distinctive use of stainless steel cylinders in their designs not only underpins the durability of their products but also contributes to energy efficiency, which in turn helps households save money on their utility bills.

One of the hallmarks of AquaMAX's products is their commitment to energy efficiency. The majority of their products boast a 5-star energy rating, indicating that they use less energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Their involvement with the GreenPlumbers environmental initiative further underscores their dedication to environmental sustainability. By choosing AquaMAX, consumers are not just investing in high-quality hot water systems, but also contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

AquaMAX's product portfolio is diverse, offering both gas and electric storage hot water systems. Each of these has unique features tailored to different needs and preferences of consumers, providing a comprehensive selection that caters to various household requirements.


AquaMAX Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

In the face of increasing utility prices, AquaMAX's gas hot water systems present a cost-effective option for many households. While they only offer a limited range of gas models, AquaMAX ensures they have options suitable for most households. Each of their gas models - the 270L, 340L, and 390L units - has received a 5-star AGA rating, reflecting their high energy efficiency. This characteristic is an invaluable attribute for consumers concerned about the cost of utilities. The stainless steel cylinders utilized in these systems enable the storage of water at higher temperatures than conventional water heaters. This means that hot water is readily available whenever it's needed, adding to the convenience for users. To top it off, AquaMAX provides a 10-year warranty on their cylinders, which adds another layer of value to their offering.

AquaMAX Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

For many consumers, electric hot water systems are the go-to option due to their ease of purchase and installation. AquaMAX has responded to this preference by offering a comprehensive range of electric units, available in both the Stainless Steel and Vitreous Enamel ranges. The Stainless Steel range is particularly popular. With models offering storage capacities from 80L to 315L, there is an option to suit any household size. While the Stainless Steel models carry a higher upfront cost, they are less prone to corrosion, which can lead to significant savings on maintenance in the long run. The lighter weight of these models, up to 50% less than the Vitreous Enamel models, makes them easier to handle during installation. Furthermore, the Stainless Steel range outperforms the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) set by Government regulators by up to 27%. This means that consumers receive more efficient performance and, consequently, more value for their money.

The Vitreous Enamel range from AquaMAX is designed to be robust and versatile. This line of products includes models ranging from 50L to a massive 400L, ensuring there's a suitable option for every type of household. Significantly cheaper than the Stainless Steel models, these units are a good choice for consumers who don't mind a bit of upkeep and maintenance or require a quick replacement. The variety of dimensions available in the Enamel range also means that they can fit perfectlyeven in awkward spaces, offering additional flexibility for installation. These models come with a 5 or 7-year warranty, depending on the specific model, offering some peace of mind for users.

Evaluating the worth of an AquaMAX hot water system involves a myriad of factors including the specific needs of a household, lifestyle, and location. However, the broad array of products offered by AquaMAX caters to different needs, making it easier for consumers to find a suitable hot water system that provides reliable service without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, AquaMAX has a strong commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, offering a range of both gas and electric hot water systems. While some consumers have reported issues with certain models, many others appreciate the energy efficiency, temperature consistency, and noise levels of these systems. As with any purchase, it's important to consider individual household needs, budget, and reviews before making a final decision.

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